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Cypiobolic -ASIA PHARMA registration number in Thailand

Cypiobolic -ASIA PHARMA registration number in Thailand

May 27th, 2009 · No Comments

Cypiobolic registration number in Thailand

Asia Pharma is announcing registration number of product Cypiobolic (testosterone cypionate 200mg/ml in 10 ml vial or 1 ml ampule package).

Thai FDA registration number of Cypiobolic is 1C 116/52. Cypiobolic will be available in pharmacies in Thailand in June 2009. All Licensed re-sellers interested in re-sale of Cypiobolic can contact Asia Pharma distributor in Thailand:

Exclusive Importer and registration holder for Asia Pharma products in Thailand:
TEL & FAX : +66898116274, 02-5135918

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Counterfeit Analysis Report

Counterfeit Analysis Report

April 19th, 2009 · 2 Comments

Anabolic Research Update:
By William Llewellyn

Counterfeit Analysis Report

This month, I’d like to take another look at the quality of anabolic steroid products and ancillary drugs on the black market. As anyone who studies the illicit anabolic steroid trade knows, high demand and huge profits offer strong incentive for the manufacture of counterfeit drugs. Over the years, this segment of the illegal business has grown exponentially. What was once a problem largely isolated to the United States, counterfeit steroids can now be found in literally every corner of the globe. Counterfeiting is a phenomenon not isolated to anabolic steroids, of course, and is commonly seen when the significant sales of anything valuable are diverted from legitimate to underground sources. Given the nature of drug products, however, the counterfeit steroid phenomenon is an especially important health concern to drug-using bodybuilders. As the number of these products grows, so too does the number of reports of low or no product efficacy, or worse— health consequences including abscess, infection, anaphylaxis and heavy metal contamination.

Whenever analysis studies come along that offer us a small cross-sectional view of what is being actively traded (and consumed) on the black market, I always like to report on them. This month, we have the opportunity to review a particular good report from Germany. It covers the analysis of 70 different anabolic steroids and ancillary drug products at the Center for Preventative Doping Research in Cologne. All of the samples analyzed in this report were obtained during police raids of three illegal dealers of anabolic steroids. While this is not a set of tests from the United States (where most readers of this column reside), I believe the results are still very relevant, especially when you consider that Western Europe is known for less stringent controls and the greater availability of legitimate steroid drugs than the United States. In other words, the results should have been at least as bad had they been conducted in the United States.

The Results
Included in this article are the results of the study separated by drug type. I felt upon review that it allowed a somewhat interesting view of the “relative confidence” one could have for a particular type of steroid or drug, at least according to the numbers in this small report. It is important to emphasize that while a fairly large sample for this type of analysis, 70 drug products taken from three dealers is not sufficient to prove any specific market trend, overall counterfeit prevalence or brand legitimacy. Still, as we find in the results, counterfeiting is still very much alive and well and is an issue Germans have to deal with just as do Americans.

Anadrol (oxymetholone):

1. Oxytone 50mg (SB Labs, Thailand) Result: PASS
2. Oxytone 50mg (SB Labs, Thailand) Result: PASS
3. Oxytone 50mg (SB Labs, Thailand) Result: PASS

Deca (nandrolone decanoate):

1. Norma Hellas (100mg/mL) Result: FAIL (testosterone)
2. Norma Hellas (100mg/mL) Result: FAIL (testosterone)
3. Norma Hellas (100mg/mL) Result: FAIL (testosterone)
4. Norma Hellas (100mg/mL) Result: FAIL (testosterone)
5. Decabol 250 (British Dragon, Underground) Result: FAIL (testosterone)

Dianabol (methandrostenolone):

1. Anabol 5mg (British Dispensary, Thailand) Result: FAIL (methyltestosterone)
2. Anabol 5mg (British Dispensary, Thailand) Result: PASS
3. Anabol 5mg (British Dispensary, Thailand) Result: PASS
4. Danabol DS 10mg (March, Thailand) Result: PASS
5. Danabol DS 10mg (March, Thailand) Result: PASS
6. Naposim 5mg (Terapia, Romania) Result: FAIL (methyltestosterone)

Equipoise (boldenone undecylenate):

1. Boldabol 200 (British Dragon, Underground) Result: PASS

Halotestin (fluoxymesterone):

1. Fluoxymesterone (IP, Underground) Result: PASS

Primobolan (methenolone enanthate):

1. Primobol 100 (British Dragon, Underground) Result: FAIL (nandrolone, testosterone)

Proviron (mesterolone):

1. Proviron 25mg Result: PASS

Sustanon 250 (testosterone mix):

1. Sustanon 250 (Karachi, Pakistan) Result: PASS
2. Sustanon 250 (Nile, Egypt) Result: FAIL (different testosterones)
3. Sustanon 250 (Nile, Egypt) Result: FAIL (different testosterones)
4. Sustanon 250 (Karachi, Pakistan) Result: PASS
5. Sustanon 250 (Karachi, Pakistan) Result: PASS
6. Sustanon 250 (Karachi, Pakistan) Result: PASS
7. Sustanon 250 (Karachi, Pakistan) Result: PASS
8. Sustanon 250 (Karachi, Pakistan) Result: PASS
9. Sustanon 250 (Karachi, Pakistan) Result: PASS

Testosterone Cypionate:

1. Testex Prolongatum 125 (Q Pharma, Spain) Result: PASS
2. Testabol 200 (British Dragon, Underground) Result: FAIL (different testosterones)

Testosterone Enanthate:

1. Testofort 250mg/mL (Pliva, Pakistan) Result: PASS
2. Testosterone Depot 250 (Eifelfango, Germany) Result: PASS
3. Testosterone Depot 250 (Eifelfango, Germany) Result: PASS
4. Testoviron Depot 250 (Medipharm, Pakistan) Result: PASS
5. Testoviron Depot 250 (Medipharm, Pakistan) Result: PASS
6. Cidoteston 250 (CID, Egypt) Result: FAIL (includes T. cypionate)
7. Cidoteston 250 (CID, Egypt) Result: PASS

Testosterone Propionate:

1. Testovis 100mg/mL (SIT, Italy) Result: PASS
2. Testovis 100mg/mL (SIT, Italy) Result: PASS
3. Testovis 100mg/mL (SIT, Italy) Result: PASS
4. Testovis 100mg/mL (SIT, Italy) Result: PASS
5. Testovis 100mg/mL (SIT, Italy) Result: PASS
6. Testabol (British Dragon, Underground) Result: FAIL (different testosterones)

Trenbolone (various esters):

1. Trenabol 75 (British Dragon, Underground) Result: FAIL (boldenone, testosterone)
2. Trenabol 100 (British Dragon, Underground) Result: FAIL (boldenone, testosterone)
3. Tri-Trenabol 150 (British Dragon, Underground) Result: FAIL (trenbolone, testosterone)
4. Trenabol 200 (British Dragon, Underground) Result: FAIL (trenbolone, testosterone)

Winstrol (stanozolol):

1. Winstrol Depot 50mg/mL (Zambon, Spain) Result: PASS
2. Winstrol Depot 50mg/mL (Zambon, Spain) Result: PASS
3. Winstrol Depot 50mg/mL (Zambon, Spain) Result: PASS
4. Stanabol 50 (British Dragon, Underground) Result: PASS
Visual Inspection
The researchers noted that aside from known underground products from labs such as British Dragon and International Pharmaceuticals, it was not possible for them to ascertain what product was real and what was a counterfeit upon visual inspection. While this group may not have the experience or reference materials necessary to make an up-close product examination and no product photos were provided in the report to reference, it does underline a problem that we have been noticing for a long time. Namely, that counterfeit manufacturing operations are becoming increasingly sophisticated. Now more than ever, it can be extremely difficult for someone shopping on the black market to determine product legitimacy before making a purchase and actually consuming the product(s).

Underground Steroid Products
Of the 10 samples of British Dragon (BD) products taken from one dealer, only two were shown to contain the labeled ingredients upon analysis. None of the samples, however, were shown to be devoid of steroid ingredients. Instead, there appeared to be a trend of substituting expensive ingredients for less costly ones. For example, all of the trenbolone products failed the testing, usually because they contained a base of testosterone instead of trenbolone. Since these all originated from one dealer and BD has been the subject of much recent counterfeiting and internal instability, it is impossible to determine if these had originated from the actual manufacturer. IP (international Pharmaceuticals) is the only other company identified as an underground operation during this testing and only their fluoxymesterone steroid was analyzed. It contained the properly labeled ingredient.

The “Best” Products
In general, of the confiscated German products, those that were manufactured in Western Europe seemed to offer greater assurance of legitimacy than those of other regions. This is in great contract to the United States, where local region products (U.S. and Canada) are those most likely to be the subject of counterfeiting. Also, the less costly testosterone products were the most likely to be legitimate overall, even if they originated outside of Europe. It appears that at least by way of these three dealers, a good deal of legitimate Karachi Sustanon and Egyptian Testosterone enanthate is being imported. It is of note that the one failure of CID enanthate was due to the inclusion of some testosterone cypionate in addition to the labeled enanthate. It is unknown if this is an error that occurred at the manufacturing plant, or the product was the subject of counterfeiting. Thailand also remains a common source country for legitimate products not commonly manufactured in Western Europe, including oxymetholone and methandrostenolone.
The “Worst” Products
Perhaps due to high recognition and demand, all of the Normal Hellas tested during this analysis run was determined to be counterfeit. Note that Norma Hellas Deca products were confiscated and analyzed from all three dealers, not one single source. In all cases, these products contained testosterone, likely in lower than the stated amount of nandrolone. This can provide a similar level of mild effect for some users in the hopes it will not be identified as such. It is also less expensive to manufacture in comparison to nandrolone decanoate. Norma Hellas Deca, likewise, remains a product of extremely high risk on the European and international markets.

Other Bodybuilding “Ancillary” Drugs
A total of 20 non-steroid drugs were also tested. All products that would be defined as common ancillary drugs including tamoxifen citrate (Nolvadex), clomiphene citrate (Clomid), thyroid hormone, caffeine and yohimbine hcl turned out to be legitimate. This underlines the lower risk in these items, no doubt due to the lower financial incentive for counterfeiters to duplicate these cheap and easy to access pharmaceuticals. The only non-steroid drugs where there was some substitution noted were in the male sexual performance category, where drugs such as Viagra and Cialis dominate. In most cases, these drugs did test out as labeled and when they failed, it was for the substitution of active ingredients of the same drug family.
Overall, nearly 40 percent of the anabolic steroids tested turn out to be counterfeits. This is pretty much in line with what would have been expected. Certainly counterfeit drugs do not have total control of the illicit market and as we can see, many legitimate drugs are still distributed in large volume. At the same time, however, counterfeits made up a very substantial (approaching half) percentage of what was being circulated by these three dealers. This is likely a good reflection of what is happening on the general European market. Of course, this also is a reflection of the global counterfeiting problem, which is showing no signs of waning. If nothing else, I hope this article serves to underline the care that should be taken when shopping for these drugs on the black market. It is a big dice role these days, especially if you do not take care to really learn what you should (and should not) be shopping for. Be safe!

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  • 1 jim bainbridge // Aug 12, 2009 at 12:56 pm

    maximus labs testoserone cip 250 i want to no if it is real cant find it on line

  • 2 John Freeman // Aug 17, 2009 at 9:43 am

    Thanks for submitting a copy-cat website. We have already taken all necessary steps to shut this site down.

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July 28th, 2009 · No Comments


Dear friends, here is real nice tablets cycle for summer that you can do this days to cut,if you scare of injects!

With that cycle and good diet you can burn some nice fats!

50mg turanabol a day 1-10
50mg winstrol tablets a day 1-10
50mg anavar-oxandrolone a day 1-10
50mg proviron a day 1-10

Make some good diet and do cardio 10 x a week 30minuts!

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The Importance of Post Cycle Therapy (PCT)

The Importance of Post Cycle Therapy (PCT)

September 23rd, 2007 · 3 Comments

After a steroid cycle, bodybuilders and athletes have one main goal: to hold onto the gains made during the cycle. Unfortunately, this is easier said than done, because the levels of various hormones and other substances that were circulating around your body during the cycle (huge amounts of testosterone, insulin-like growth factor, growth hormone, and lower amounts of muscle-wasting glucocorticoids) are now changing. Sadly, they are making way for lower amounts of the hormones we want for building muscle, and higher amounts of the catabolic ones. What needs to be done, as quickly as possible, is to get your body to begin production of your own natural anabolic hormones, and produce less of the catabolic ones. Unfortunately, your body has other plans.The protocol described below will allow you to recover your own natural hormonal levels quickly and lose far less of the gains you worked so hard for on the cycle. This protocol is usually named as “Post Cycle Therapy” or “PCT” for short.

Anabolic hormones are typically low when a cycle ends, and which catabolic ones are high. Before going into details, let’s have an insight in the body and how it works, and why there’s a lag-time after the cessation of Anabolic Steroids before the body returns to normal. Remember, during this lag-time you lose gains, so we really need to make it as short as possible.
In the puberty, Gonadatropin Releasing Hormone (GnRH) is increasingly released from the Hypothalamus, in turn causing the secretion of Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH) and Luetenizing Hormone (LH) from the pituitary, and finally the male gonads (testes) are then stimulated by those pituitary hormones (LH and FSH). . FSH, although generally thought to only have a role in production of sperm, actually aids the in regulation of Leydig Cell function , while LH directly causes the Leydig Cells in the testes to secrete androgenic hormones such as testosterone (which is causes a surge in other anabolic hormones: Insulin Like Growth Factor, Growth Hormone, etc…). Androgens do this by then targeting other tissues inside the body, either by attaching to the Androgen Receptors (AR), which are found primarily in the cytoplasm of specific cells, or by what’s known as non-receptor mediated effects. When an androgen (your own natural testosterone or an anabolic steroid you’ve injected or ingested) binds to a receptor inside the cell, it activates the transcription of specific genes. It means the steroid molecule gives the cell a message to do something. In the case of testosterone, for example, one of the messages it sends to the cell is to increase nitrogen retention in your body, thus allowing you to use more of the protein you take in, and build more muscle. In the case of testosterone (or anabolic steroids in general), this transcription causes a lot of different anabolic effects to take place: an increase in IGF, a decrease in cortisol, an increase in Red Blood Cell count, and the increased protein synthesis. This is not to say that AR binding is the only thing that causes anabolic or androgenic effects, however. Oxymetholone and Methandrostenolone (Anadrol and Dianabol) both bind very weakly to the AR yet are both highly anabolic and androgenic. The diagram below is an example of an androgen’s entry into a target cell, where it (in this case) stimulates protein synthesis, which is a major anabolic effect:

anabolic effect

Under the control of this heightened state of androgens, you also go through androgenic development as well as anabolic development. This can be seen in puberty when males grow body hair experience voice changes, as experience genital development and growth.
Another characteristic of androgens in the body is that they are subject to what’s known as a “negative feedback loop”. Your Hypothalamus secretes GnRH, thus making the pituitary secrete LH & FSH, finally in turn causing the testes to stimulate the Leydig cells to produce testosterone (by conversion of cholesterol). Once testosterone is created, it has the ability to in turn to undergo various metabolic processes that will inhibit GnRH, which in turn inhibits the secretion of LH and FSH, and that brings a halt to natural testosterone production. Once testosterone has stopped being produced, it no longer sends this negative signal, and GnRH eventually begins to do its job again. In this way, your body prevents excess hormones from being secreted and thus maintaining homeostasis (the status quo… in this case a state where you are neither gaining nor losing muscle) . This negative feedback loop is partially why we use anabolic steroids…we want more testosterone for anabolic purposes (or more Anavar or whatever) than our body will let us produce. When we use that injectable testosterone, it sends the message to our body to begin the negative feedback loop and discontinue producing/secreting the hormones that cause our natural testosterone production. The chart below clearly shows this process, displaying both the negative and positive feedback system(s):

anabolic steroids negative loop

Anabolic steroids increase androgen levels in the blood, bringing a halt to GnRH, making the pituitary gland (eventually) responds by reducing the release of LH; this loss of LH has the effect of shutting down testosterone, of course, which you know is produced by the Leydig cells in the testes after they are stimulated by LH. The negative feedback loop is not a problem while we are on a cycle. Want more testosterone (or androgens) in the body.
But all good things come to an end, and most of us choose to end our cycles at some point. At this point, while there are still some androgens floating around in us, our natural production won’t begin, and even once they are out, there may be some lag time before your body figures out that it needs to start producing its own androgens again. As mentioned before, this lag time is severely catabolic and it’s where you lose a lot of your gains. Therefore we need to coax the body into quickly producing its own androgens.

One of the first drugs we’ll consider for this purpose is what is typically called a SERM. Nolvadex (Tamoxifen) is a SERM (Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulator, which means that it has the ability to act as an anti-estrogen with regard to certain genes, yet also acting as an estrogen with respect to others. That’s the “selective” part. It does this by blocking gene transcription in some cases, and initiating gene transcription in others . Luckily it has estrogenic effects on bones (meaning it increases their density), and blood lipids -meaning it lowers cholesterol-, as well as preventing gynocomastia by preventing estrogen gene transcription in breast tissue. However, it acts as an anti-estrogen in the pituitary, thus increasing LH and FSH, which results in an increase in testosterone. 20mgs of Nolvadex will raise your testosterone levels about 150% …Nolvadex actually has quite a few applications for the steroid using athlete. First and foremost, it’s most common use is for the prevention of gynocomastia. Nolvadex does this by actually competing for the receptor site in breast tissue, and binding to it. Thus, we can safely say that the effect of tamoxifen is through estrogen receptor blockade of breast tissue .
Estrogen is also important for a properly functioning immune system, and not only that, but your lipid profile (both HDL and LDL) should also show marked improvement with administration of tamoxifen .
Nolvadex also has some important features for the steroid using athlete. In hypogonadic and infertile men given nolvadex, increases in the serum levels of LH, FSH, and most importantly, testosterone were all observed It can also block a bit of estrogen in the pituitary, which is a great benefit when used with HCG (more on that later) . The increase in testosterone Nolvadex can give someone with a dysfunctional is basically that 20mgs of Nolvadex will raise your testosterone levels about 150% …Why don’t we use Clomid, another SERM? Basically because it takes much more to do the same thing. In comparison, it would require 150mgs of Clomid to accomplish that type of elevation in testosterone, but Nolvadex also has the added benefit of significantly increasing the LH (Leutenizing Hormone) response to LHRH (LH-releasing hormone) . This most likely indicates some kind of upregulation of the LH-receptors due to the anti-estrogenic effect Nolvadex has at the pituitary. Although both Nolvadex and Clomid are both SERMs, they are actually quite different. As you already know, Nolvadex is highly anti-estrogenic at the hypothalamus and pituitary, while Clomid exhibits weak estrogenic activity at the pituitary , which as you can guess, is less than ideal. It should be avoided for the PCT and in fact, avoided in general. It’s simply not as good as Nolvadex.
And how much Nolvadex should you use during PCT? Appropriate dosage is 20mgs/day, although you can even get away with far less than that. Doses as low as 5mgs/day have proven to be as effective as 20mgs/day for certain areas of gonadal stimulation.
So that effectively suggests Nolvadex can not be used at Mega-doses to get a mega-increase in your natural hormones. We can’t use huge doses of any Anti-Estrogen, actually, and expect huge increases in our natural hormones, actually. Arimidex (an Aromatase Inhibitor –which means it stops the conversion of testosterone into estrogen-another drug used to fight breast cancer like Nolvadex) exhibits basically the same effects when .5mgs or a full 1mg is used and there are even studies where up to 10mgs/day of Arimidex is studied with no clear benefit over 1mg/day. Letrozole (another Aromatase Inhibitor) is capable of inhibiting Aromatase maximally at a mere 100mcg/day (10.). So clearly we need to add in other compounds to our PCT, because Mega-Doses of one compound will not be good enough. It is absurdly to see people recommending upwards 40-80mgs/day of Nolvadex, or a full milligram (or two!) of Arimidex, in their post-cycle or on-cycle suggestions.
All of this tells you can’t simply use mega-doses of Anti-Estrogens or SERMS to do anything more than reasonable doses. It must be, therefore, that your body can only respond with so much vigor to any one drug in those families. So we’ll need to add another drug or two. This way we can use reasonable doses of a few drugs and produce some synergy…hopefully decreasing our recovery time.
We’ll need something to go with Nolvadex, which acts in a different manner, and human Chorionic Gonadatropin (HCG) is the clear choice here. Here’s where things get a bit controversial. HCG is the natural choice, as it has been used successfully to cure AAS induced , and this alone warrants its inclusion to our cycle.
HCG is a peptide hormone manufactured by the embryo in the early stages of pregnancy and later by the placenta to help control a pregnant woman’s hormones. Obviously this substance stimulates the gonads (hence: gonadotropin). It does this by initiating gene transcription that is identical to that of Luetenizing Hormone, thereby causing the Leydig Cells to produce testosterone. We can stimulate LH and FSH production with our Nolvadex, and then directly stimulate the Leydig Cells as well, to produce tons of testosterone by different routes!

Unfortunately, while HCG increases Testosterone, it increases estrogen as well. As you probably know, estrogen acts directly on the Leydig cells to effect changes in the activities of enzymes important for testosterone synthesis and may actually be considered an important part of that negative feedback loop I mentioned earlier. In addition, an increase in circulating levels of LH have been shown to induce down-regulation of LH-receptors in both rodent studies , as well as in human studies ; since HCG mimics LH, you can expect it to do the same. This LH downregulation can cause an increase in steroidogenic cholesterol (the cholesterol earmarked by your body for conversion into testosterone). . Thus, after the initial HCG induced surge in testosterone is over, if you have used enough to downregulate your LH-receptors and increase estrogen too much, then more steroidogenic cholesterol is available. This is telling me that less is being converted to testosterone. In fact, rodent models suggest that if you take a dose large enough to cause a sharp increase of plasma testosterone, you will actually desensitize your Leydig cells to your next shot, and will possibly not experience any rise in testosterone from the second dose at all, or may only experience a very slight one at best (17.). Since this is due to LH-Receptor downregulation, and that occurs in human models too, it is pretty fair to assume that if your first dose of HCG is too large, your second won’t be very effective. Unfortunately, this lack of an increase in testosterone doesn’t necessarily mean that the HCG may be unable to increase circulating levels of Estrogen And remember that increase in Estrogen will (most likely) cause your body ultimately to produce less testosterone. Low LH post-cycle is not the primary cause of slow recovery, because LH generally rises to levels above baseline after a cycle much sooner than testosterone production does. This is probably because the pituitary is working very hard to get your atrophied Leydig cells to start producing testosterone again. HCG should also bring back testicular volume. It would also appear that HCG works very well when it’s used on men who have low levels of LH to begin with (as you would be after a cycle), as many studies on pre-pubertal boys and Hypogonadotropic Hypogonadal men would suggest
This suggests that a pre-exposure to normal LH levels or gonadatropins in general is necessary for HCG-induced Leydig Cell desensitization. This, of course is not a problem for us, as we’ll be using it when LH/Gonadatropin levels are very low anyway …we just need to stop using it before we regain normal function, or it will work against us eventually. . Luckily, the temporary Anabolic steroid induced hypogonadism that is experienced after a cycle basically allows us to respond to HCG like anyone with low LH levels , and thus a lot of the possible inhibitory effect of HCG is not going to be relevant because there was no prior “priming” by circulating gonadotrophins. This is great news for us, because we are going to be using HCG during PCT, when we need to get back some HPTA function, and not when we have levels of gonadatropins high enough to cause HCG-induced desensitization.
But are we still risking some inhibition and possibly delaying our recovery by using HCG? Probably not. Some studies in humans have shown that HCG does not actually have a direct effect on inhibiting LH release in men , but rather (probably) works to inhibit LH secretion indirectly, simply by stimulating the production of testosterone (thus activating the negative feedback loop). Another factor involved is the induction of testicular aromatase, which raises estrogen levels, again causing inhibition. Unfortunately, yet another process, the downregulation of the Leydig Cell LH receptor itself, seems to also play a role in high dose HCG testicular desensitization. This is also done by HCG actually blocking the conversion of 17 alpha-hydroxyprogesterone (17 OHP) to testosterone . Nolvadex actually stops this blocking-action of HCG from taking place . Most likely, because of Nolvadex’s direct antiestrogenic effect and LH-upregulating effect on the Pituitary, suppression of gonadotropins via HCG is almost totally stopped with concurrent administration of Nolvadex! So if we Use Nolvadex and we are only using HCG when we are low in gonadatropins, we won’t be inhibited by it at all!
However there’s still the issue of estrogen caused by that HCG-stimulated surge in testosterone. Well…we can use low doses (300iu or so) to avoid some of that major spike in estrogen, and thus cause far less inhibition from the HCG . Maybe we can get away with taking some Vitamin E with our HCG, since it increases the responsiveness of plasma testosterone levels to HCG, making them significantly higher during vitamin E administration than without it . So we can get a better response with our HCG by taking Vitamin E (I recommend 1,000iu/day), but that doesn’t get rid of the problem that we have, which is the estrogen increase the HCG will cause.
Lets add in an Aromatase Inhibitor! Which one, though? Well, since we are already using Nolvadex, we can’t use Letrozole or Arimidex, as the Nolvadex will actually greatly decrease the blood plasma levels of them !

So we have to use Aromasin (exemestane) as our AI, because it’s an aromatase inactivator, meaning it makes estrogen receptors useless, and instead of just inhibiting production (as an anti-aromatase would do) it cuts off production totally. Aromasin can also cause androgenic sides , which may help to elevate your mood while you are on PCT. This final drug in my recommended PCT can effectively remove up to about 85%+ of estrogen from your body . Most importantly, using Aromasin together with Nolvadex doesn’t reduce exemestane’s effectiveness . The problem of ANY inhibition possible with HCG is solved, and we can use that 500iu/day dose.
With this PCT, there will be a rapid increase in LH, FSH, and testosterone, as well as almost a complete block on all the factors that could be causing your natural hormones to be delayed in returning to baseline. For this reason the second your cycle is over is when you should start this PCT (a week after your last shot, or the day after your last pill is fine). Remember, waiting for some of the extra androgens you’ve been taking to leave your body is nonsensical, as we want to start recovery as soon as possible to retain maximum gains. There is no evidence to suggest waiting any length of time after your cycle is over will increase PCT effectiveness…it simply prolongs the time you aren’t doing anything positive to regain your natural hormones. And how long do we run this for? We need to stop the HCG relatively soon for reasons discussed earlier. But the Nolvadex, and Aromasin can be used for awhile longer. Ideally, we’d be getting weekly blood work, but we could also get it done monthly, and just running this PCT until we see our natural hormones restored…but weekly bloodwork isn’t really an option for most of us. Failing the option of monitoring recovery with blood-work, It’s important to note nutrition or other compounds that may be beneficial haven’t been discussed here. And with no further delays, here are my recommendations for PCT:





Vitamin E























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  • 1 Mark Deiker // Sep 24, 2007 at 9:22 pm

    Great post guys; I always did PCT, but now I understand why it is necessary and how it works. Just keep on going!

  • 2 Gain Muscle avoiding 5 typical mistakes | // Oct 26, 2007 at 7:58 pm

    [...] Smart use of anabolic steroids can speed-up gaining your muscle. You can easily make a progress of one year in just a few weeks. However don’t forget to use steroids according to instructions, as well as don’t abandon post cycle therapy (PCT). [...]

  • 3 I Shed Over Thirty Pounds in One Month // May 21, 2009 at 10:58 pm

    I was just now searching for about this when I discovered your post. I’m only visiting to say that I definitely liked seeing this post, it is very clear and well written. Are you going to write more about this? It looks like there’s more fodder here for future posts.

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Newbies Injecting for 1st Time

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