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BBC reports number of steroid users in UK has doubled in the last five years.

June 14th, 2009 · No Comments

“Professor Les Iversen thinks an explosion in websites selling the muscle-building drug has made it far easier to get hold of. ”

( safer imho than the dodgy fakes and UG stuff I was forced to use pre-internet )

The number of young people taking steroids may have doubled in five years, according to one of the government’s top drug advisers.

( and yet my good friend’s famous hardcore gym based in London has less members than ever before, guess all these teenage juicers are training at home )

“The great majority of users don’t even realise they’re taking an illegal substance,” he said.

( last time I checked they wern’t, sounds like the UK’s experts are a victim of US anti-steroid propaganda or maybe he is talking about the evil world of designer steroids sold as nutritional supplements )

Drug workers say steroids bought online are also more likely to be out of date.

( surely they could have come up with something more scary than this )

The professor, who is leading a major study into steroid use for the home secretary, added: “You can order them relatively inexpensively from China or India.

( of course they are presuming that every guy who advertises them for sale will actually deliver, sadly those two countries are notorious for scammers )

“The internet has changed the market for all drugs and steroids are no exception.

( correct it’s changed it for the better and driven prices down )

“I did a Google search for anabolic steroid purchase and it returned 492,000 hits.

( they’re called results professor )

“Many of the sites are offshore and very difficult for the government to control.”

( without placing a test order you would have no idea where they are really based, the UK government is I suspect blaming foreign suppliers so they have an excuse to change the current sensible personal import allowance rules )

“Buying from the internet you are left to your own devices with no advice and no guidance. That’s obviously people’s choice but I know where I would rather be going.”

( there’s more good advice and guidance to be found online than you’d get from your average hardcore gym dealer )

A group of drug experts led by Professor Iversen is now putting together a report for the government that could recommend tightening some of the rules around steroid use.
“There will be some debate about that,” he said. “It’s one option I’m sure will be considered. But if you ask for my personal view, I don’t think criminalising young people is the answer.”

( let me guess right up until the law change actually happens we’re going to pretend there’s no plan to criminalize possession. I just hope the professors on HRT so that he might empathize a little with his fellow juice users ) .

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