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Nandrolone with Undecanoate ester

(Nandrolone + Undecanoate ester)
[Nandrolone: 19-Nor-4-androstene-3-one, 17b-ol]
Formula (of base): Cl8H2602
Formula (of ester): C11 H22 02
Molecular Weight (Nandrolone w/o ester): 274.4022
Melting Point (of base): 122-124°C
Manufacturer: various
Release Date: 1992
Effective Dose: 200-600mgs/wk (men); 40-80mgs/wk (women)
Active life: 8-10 days
Detection Time: Up to 18 months
Anabolic/Androgenic Ratio: 125:37

Dynabolan (Nandrolone Undecanoate) is just another type of Nandrolone, which means that it will share many, if not all, of its traits with “Deca” (Nandrolone Decanoate, trade name: Deca-Durabolin). As we know, Nandrolone is similar to testosterone, with the exception of the alteration of the 19th carbon atom. And the “Undecanoate” part of this drug’s name (that’s the ester, or the thing that slows its release into your bloodstream) provides a slightly longer release time than Deca has. If I were to suggest that everyone take one thing away from this profile, it’s that this drug is more or less a slightly longer acting version of Deca, which means you need to employ it for a extended length of time to see results (12 week cycles are recommended when using this compound). Also, this long release time and the ubiquitous nature of Nandrolone’s metabolites make it unsuitable for drug-tested athletes.

Unwanted Effects
Before we go into all of the wonderful characteristics of this drug, let’s discuss some of its less-than-wonderful aspects. Most side effects common with most AASs are also common with this drug: possible virilization (development of male sexual characteristics in women), gynecomastia, water retention, acne, hairloss, and possibly even sexual dysfunction. Being a nandrolone, Dynabolan is also going to have the ability to stimulate the progesterone receptor 20%, as well as progesterone does (1)(2). This stimulation of the progesterone receptor is primarily responsible for the suppressive effects that this drug will have on the body’s natural endocrine system. Progesterone (and synthetic progestins, like nandrolone) can reduce luteinizing hormone production. This hormone is secreted from the pituitary and stimulates testicular testosterone production. Anabolic/androgenic steroids (AAS) can also suppress this hormone’s pituitary borne production by interfering with the Gonadatropin Releasing Hormone signal sent from the hypothalamus to the pituitary; this, in turn, also stimulates lutenizing hormone secretion. So, it should be clear that this compound, through various mechanisms, will act to halt the production of testosterone, as well as other important hormones, in your body. The now infamous “Minto” studies on nandrolone have shown us that even a single 100mg injection of Nandrolone (although Undecanoate was not used, both a short as well as long ester Nandrolone product were used) will shut down endogenous (natural) testosterone production for a week and will not return to baseline values until roughly 3 weeks later (3). Dynabolan will also aromatize (convert to estrogen) at a reasonably low rate, much lower than that of testosterone. Given the estrogenic/progesteronic side effects that this drug will cause, use of an anti-progesteronic drug (such as Bromocriptine at 2.5mgs/day) as well as perhaps some Letrozole (1mg/day) should be warranted. Regarding Nandrolone, most veterans recommended the concurrent use of exogenous (injectable) testosterone to avoid the possible sexual dysfunction associated with Nandrolone. In general though, it’s difficult to imagine someone getting any side effects if dosages are kept at 400mgs/week or less (women would do well to keep dosages at or under 1/4 of that).

Usage and Dosage
It binds well to the Androgen Receptor (AR), which has been positively correlated with enhanced fat-burning (4). This property makes it a great addition to a cutting cycle; although, it can also be used with great success in a bulking cycle as well. And, since this is a Nandrolone (albeit not with the ester we are used to seeing it with), we can probably expect to reap all of the benefits that nandrolones have been shown to have on bone mineral content and collagen (5). When using nandrolone, little nagging injuries seem to go away for many athletes and bodybuilders consistently report that their joints feel better when using it. Dynabolan is also, being a nandrolone, very easy on the liver, although if someone has a pre-existing liver condition, it should be avoided. Also, lipid profiles (your HDL/LDL cholesterol) won’t suffer, and could possibly improve a bit with use of this drug.
Weight and strength gain with this drug is moderate and users report more of a “kick” than they usually get with regular Deca. Besides, binding well to the AR, this drug also operates via several non-androgens receptor mediated mechanisms, such as increasing protein synthesis and increasing creatine phosphate synthesis. This is also one of the few drugs that won’t negatively impact your lipid profile (cholesterol). Most users report that weight gains are of a high quality with this drug and represent a favorable change in body composition. This would be especially true if it were stacked with testosterone and proper ancillaries.
Hypothetically when using Dynabolan in bulking up it would be a good idea to use 400mgs/week with 500mgs of a long-estered testosterone (Cypionate or Enanthenate), and the ancillaries mentioned previously. If Dynabolan is used in a cutting cycle, it would be a good idea to use a short estered testosterone (most likely Propionate) at that same dose (500mgs/week), as well as Oxandrolone at 50mgs/day. And don’t forget the ancillaries. Dynabolan is considered to be appropriate for use in a 12-16 weeklong cycle. Due to the highly suppressive nature of tints drug, a very aggressive post cycle therapy would be necessaryTaking Clomid at 100mgs/day as well as Nolvadex at 30mgs/day for a month and HCG at 500iu/day for 3 weeks is recommended. Also avoid stacking it with a trenbolone product. Combining 2 steroids, which stimulate the progesterone receptor.
Actual Dynabolan is very hard to obtain although it is still in production, and fakes would be an issue, as would cost. On the other hand, nandrolone undecanoate (not the brand-name product “Dynabolan”) is made by several underground labs (Dpharm, for example, produces it), and is relatively cheap.

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