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Lipodrene Maximum Weight Loss

August 20th, 2009 · No Comments

Lipodrene addresses the three key issues to fat loss: 1. serotonin enhancement, 2. metabolic elevation, and 3. lipase inhibition, mking Lipodrene the most complete diet aid anywhere.

Lipodrene contains a unique extract found in the proprietary appetite suppressant, Hoodia Cactus. Lipodrene also contains Thermo-Rx, a proprietary blend of four plant extracts, whose alkoalod compostiion achieves an unprceedented thermogenic response. Thermo-Rx contains 1. acacia rigidula – 95% extract containing phenylethylamine and an alkaloid profile superior ro that of any other species, 2. 2-phenylethlyalmine HCL, an unparalledled stiulant and thermogenic that promotes a sense of satiety, 3. theobroma cocoa extract, which blocks dopamine and increass serotonin, giving a sense of well being and 4. green tea extract the most effective catechin profile available for optimum thermogenesis and increasing metabolism. Lipodrene also incorporates the extend rx deliver ystem that enhaces the pharmacological activity of its active components, without the unwanted side effects associated with regulated stimulants.

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