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Manufacturer: Most Major Pharmaceutical Companies
Effective dose: (Men)25-100mgs/day; (Women) N/A
Active Life: 6-8 hours Detection Time: 4-6 weeks
Anabolic/Androgenic Ratio (Range): 94-130/115-150

To understand the history of Methyltestosterone, we need to go back to the 1930’s, when the structure of the hormones estrone, testosterone, and progesterone were revealed and understood more completely and their ability to be synthesized from cholesterol was noted. It was a logical step for researchers to realize that a very simple chemical modification of the natural hormone would produce an orally active compound. By the early 1950’s, injectable testosterone, progesterone, and the subject of this profile, Methyltestosterone, occupied almost 25% of Ciba’s pharmaceutical turnover (1). Despite the elevations in liver function that oral testosterone preparations can cause, (and Methyltestosterone is no exception to this) these drugs still constitute approximately a third of all testosterone prescriptions filled in the United States (2).

Here, we’re primarily concerned with the use of Methyltestosterone as it applies to athletes and bodybuilders. As with other Anabolic Androgenic Steroids (AAS), a quick look at the structure of Methyltestosterone will give us some clues as to how it will function once in the human body. We can see that it is 17-alpha-methyl altered, so the hormone can survive its first pass through the liver, and be effective as an oral agent rather than being destroyed by the liver. Unfortunately, this alteration also puts stress on the liver and contributes to the hepatoxicity (liver toxicity) of this compound, which is quite profound with this drug (3). Luckily, it doesn’t have adverse effects on cholesterol, and can even lower plasma viscosity (4). And, since this is just testosterone that has been altered to be orally available, some users actually let the tablet dissolve under their tongue for increased absorption. We can expect many of the same results and side effects that we would with any other testosterone form such as development of male sexual characteristics in women. Hence, they should avoid using this compound at any dose, and in men, aromatization, or conversion to estrogen, is found. This can contribute to hair loss, acne, oily skin, water-retention, gynecomastia, hair growth on the body, and other side effects. It’s also worth noting that this compound converts to DiHydroTestosterone, which can cause prostate enlargement and hair loss. Taking endogenous hormones (AAS) will affect your natural testosterone levels as well as many interrelated hormones and processes. MethylTestosterone is no exception to this rule, and taking it will result in significant decreases in plasma levels of gonadotrophins, gonadal steroids, sex hormone binding globulin, free T3 and T4, and thyroid binding globulin (5). Inclusion of Arimidex at .5mgs/day to help lower estrogen levels or a similar ancillary, such as Finasteride (1mg/day to help combat DHT) would be warranted with the use of Methyltest. Also, when considering the possible side effects and hormonal effects Methyltest can have on a user, proper Post Cycle Therapy (Nolvadex at 20mgs/day and 500 iu/day of HCG for 3 weeks) is necessary.

The effect you’ll typically get from Methyltest is most comparable to that of the short (or no) ester testosterones (i.e. suspension or propionate). You will get a bit stronger but probably will not be impressed with weight gains unless intolerably high doses are used. A survey of the results gained by athletes reveal that none of them were impressed with either weight or strength gains from Methyltestosterone, but some liked the drug. Therefore we recommend that you choose a different compound if you are simply trying to get bigger. Methyltest won’t impress anyone with its ability to add weight to an athlete. The athletes who liked Methyltest generally cited effects such as increased strength and aggression while using it, especially when it was taken before workouts. Herein lies the most effective and common use for Methyltest in a cycle. It is effective for rapid increases in strength and aggression when a dose is taken prior to a workout or athletic event. Twenty-five mgs taken an hour before working out or competing should be sufficient for this purpose, while some recommend 2-4x that dose if it’s being used as the primary oral in a cycle. Someone on a cycle may want to consider the inclusion of this drug into their regimen to make their workouts more productive, and thus get maximum results from their workouts. This would allow the other anabolics in their cycle to be more efficient. Powerlifters also love this drug and it is often used prior to competitions as well as prior to workouts.

Again, in terms of cost/benefit ratio (side effects vs. results), Methyltest is most effective for use prior to a weight training workout or athletic competition, (or possibly to increase aggression in the weight room on a low calorie diet) and not as a weight gain or strength gain drug. Using Methyltest 3-4x a week before workouts will help you derive more benefits from those workouts (and this will be especially important on a cycle) while minimizing possible issues with liver toxicity. Trying to use this compound multiple times per day and every day of the week (as would be necessary if this were the primary oral in your cycle) would not produce acceptable results (in my mind, anyway) when compared with the risks taken.

There are better orals than Methyltest for both size and strength, but perhaps none are as good at increasing aggression. You can use this drug in conjunction with any type of cycle as a pre-workout boost. If this drug is used as the main oral in a cycle, then the use of Methyltest should be limited to 50mgs/day for no more than 6 weeks. After cessation, a long break from all liver-stressing compounds should be taken (i.e. oral AAS, Alcohol, etc…).
Availability of this drug is reasonably high, as most major pharmaceutical companies produce it, as do a few UnderGround Labs. It’s reasonably priced since the demand for it isn’t very high.
Here’s how Methyltestosterone is metabolized in your body:

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