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A Good Muscle Building Training

November 4th, 2007 · 1 Comment

Below is my basic training schedule. It is very simple, never working more than 2 muscle groups at a time. I often change the upper body combinations to make sure each workout is a little different. Monday could just as well be chest/triceps or even chest/back.

I think it’s important to always be thinking about your workouts ahead of time. So when you enter the gym you have the whole work out planned out in your mind. Because my body seems to be a little injury prone I allow 3 days off just to fully rest my muscles. I changed my workout style a little bit for my cycle. Rather than do the usual 10-12 reps per set I settled on 8. This enabled me to focus on lifting as heavy as possible and seemed to be quite successful.








Chest + Biceps



Shoulder + triceps




Here’s a breakdown of each work out. I also do a couple warm up sets at lighter weights for all exercises.

Monday - Chest & Biceps


Flat DB press

Incline Barbell press

Cable fly

20kg x 10 x 1

40kg x 10 x 1

15kg x 10 x 1

24kg x 10 x 1

60kg x 8 x 2

18kg x 10 x 1

28kg x 8 x 2

80kg x 8 x 2

21kg x 8 x 1

34kg x 6 x 1




Straight bar curl

Seated DB curls

10kg x 10 x 2

12kg x 10 x 1

20kg x 8 x 2

14kg x 10 x 1


16kg x 8 x 2

Tuesday – Legs

Leg extensions

Calve raises


50kg x 8 x 1

60kg x 25 x 2

40kg x 15 x 2

80kg x 8 x 3

90kg x 15 x 1

60kg x 10 x 1

130kg x 8 x 3


80kg x 8 x 3

Wednesday – OFF

Thursday – Shoulders & Triceps


Seated DB press

Delt flys

20kg x 8 x 1

14kg x 8 x 2

24kg x 8 x 2

16kg x 8 x 2

26kg x 8 x 2



Seated ezy curl extensions

Cable push down

20kg x 8 x 2

50kg x 10 x 1

30kg x 8 x 2

70kg x 8 x 3

Firday – OFF

Saturday – Back

Lat pull down

Seated rows









Sunday – OFF

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  • 1 Taylor // Dec 26, 2007 at 11:45 pm

    Great workout plan, i think i am going to give it a try next week!

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