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(Testosterone Cypionate &Propionate + DHEA)

Effective Dose (Men): 200-2000mg+ week.
Effective Dose (Women): Not recommended
Active life: 12 days.
Detection Time: Up to 3 months
Anabolic/Androgenic ratio: 100/100.
Manufacturer: Atlantis, MX 120mg/2m1
Effective Dose (Women): Not recommended
Average Active Life: +/- 1-1.5 weeks

2ml of Sten contains:

  • 25 mg testosterone propionate,
  • 75mg testosterone Cypionate and
  • 20mg DHEA

Sten, another blended steroid, is similar to Testoviron, but it has different dosing with the addition of DHEA. Specifically, this blend is made up of testosterone propionate and testosterone cypionate, as well as a steroid called dehydroepiandrosterone, or better known as DHEA. DHEA is a hormone produced by the adrenal cortex as well as the brain. Some of this hormone is actually converted to testosterone in males and estrodiol in women (1).

The function of DHEA in the body is not clearly understood. For starters, unlike testosterone, there is no receptor for DHEA or its close relative DHEAS. It is also non anabolic receptor mediated, meaning its action has nothing to do with the anabolic receptors in your body.
For starters, Dehydroepiandrosterone is well known to decrease body fat significantly (3)(4). It has been shown to reduce both abdominal fat as well as visceral fat (5). This makes Sten a very exciting drug, as it contains a steroidal fat-burner as well as a short and long acting testosterone.
Obviously, Sten also contains testosterone, so it would be appropriate to have a brief review of that compound as well. Testosterone is known to cause strength and muscle growth. The most obvious mechanism by which testosterone induces muscle growth is that it promotes nitrogen retention in the muscle (6) and the more nitrogen the muscle holds, the more protein the muscle stores. Testosterone can also increase the levels of another anabolic hormone, IGF-1, in muscle tissue (7). This hormone is the mediator of Growth Hormone and also (as the name implies) causes muscle growth. Testosterone can help protect your hard earned muscle from the catabolic (muscle wasting) glucocorticoid hormones (11), thus inhibiting the actions of them. Testosterone has the ability to increase red-blood cell production (12), and a higher RBC count may improve endurance by highly oxygenating the blood going to your muscles. More highly oxygenated blood in your muscles will improve recovery from strenuous physical activity.

Sten would be used very similar to a Sustanon-type blend. Sten is not nearly as common as it was 5 years ago, but it can still be found in some parts, especially Mexico. Male users would want to take a dosage range of 200-400mg/wk for an effective range. Intermediate users would use a dosage of 400-800mg/wk, while advanced users could go as high as 1000mg/wk. This compound should not be recommended to women even in low doses; although the more adventurous women I know have tried 1/2 an amp/week of it. Remember ladies, testosterone has very strong virilizing properties in women such as deepened voice, increased body hair, acne, and clitoral hypertrophy.
The testosterone contained in Sten can be converted to other unwanted by-products also. The 5-alpha-reductase enzyme can convert the testosterone into dihydrotestosterone, or as its better known, DHT. DHT is responsible for men’s hairloss and for prostate hypertrophy. Anti-DHT drugs such as Finasteride can be taken to block this conversion and offset most of the possible side effects. Some men will be much more genetically prone for hair loss, which will greatly magnify the effects of DHT.

A second by-product produced by exogenous testosterone administration is, of course, estrogen. The aromatase enzyme can convert testosterone into estrogen. The rate in which it converts will vary depending on the dose and will vary from person to person. The top symptoms include bloating, gynecomastia, elevated blood pressure, acne, and increase in cholesterol levels. To combat this, the use of anti-estrogen compounds is highly recommended.

Users of this compound report great gains with testosterone in general. It can be used in cycles planned to gain mass or lose fat. Gains usually come quickly and are maintained well with proper post cycle preventions.

Testosterone is usually considered the base compound of any cycle. After all, it is the primary anabolic hormone in the male body. For this reason, Sten can be stacked with any other compound desired. The most popular combinations are with Dianabol, Equipoise, Deca, or Trenbolone.
Sten contains only natural hormones. Partly for this reason, the drugs contained in Sten are only detectable for approximately 3 months. This makes Sten a good choice for those who are only seasonally tested.

Although a blend of esters, the longest active life is reported to be just around 2-3 weeks. The length of this life is attributed to the testosterone cypionate contained in Sten. Ideally, Sten should be injected at least every third day in order to properly utilize the testosterone propionate in it while giving stable levels of testosterone in the blood.

This is for several reasons a highly recommended product. For starters, there are absolutely zero known fakes of this product. The second reason is that it’s absurdly cheap; you can get 200mgs of testosterone, plus 40mgs of the fat-burning DHEA, for half the price of an amp of Sustanon.

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