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Warning about the BD coming from China!

May 21st, 2009 · No Comments

Here are some bad news from some well knwo forum..guys DO NOT USE ANY BD PRODUCTS TILL NEW BD IS OUT!

I almost died from this.
This is no joke I am not making this up!
So here is what happened to me:

I just got out of the hospital and I was in there for 3 weeks with a bacterial infection called MRSA. It was in my bloodstream, and there was an abess by 2 of my injection sites filled with puss that had the MRSA bacteria in it.
I was told I could have dies becuase the MRSA was in my bloodstream.
The docs are almost sure it has something to do with the gear I was on.
I was taking the BD crap that is going around now and nothing else but that.
It could have been just one bottle that caused it, and possibly I got it some other way.
I lost 40 lbs in 3 weeks while in there.
But I had 3 other friends that just happened to get similar injfections, and they all had forms of staff! One guy had a flesh eating bacteria at an injection site and the other 2 had to be hospitalized !
The last batch I got of tren hexy and andropen seemed very weak too especially the tren. The price is great on the stuf and there is a reason why it is so cheap!
Stay away from that BD coming from china!

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