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Why is Anavar great for cutting and fat loss?

April 6th, 2009 · 1 Comment

Currently there are numerous prescription weight loss pills gracing the market. Anavar, for example, is a “mild steroid” product that may assist some individuals with fat loss or weight reduction. It appears that this diet drug is not currently offered to anyone in the USA unless attained on the black market. Also known as a “fat-burning steroid,” Anavar is claimed to aid users with shedding “abdominal and visceral fat.” Regular exercise and a specific eating plan are not encouraged with Anavar.

Since Anavar is considered an oral steroid, it will naturally not be suitable for some users. Some factors that apply to this weight loss drug are that it has little effect on the user’s HPTA (Hypothalamic-Testicular-Pituitary-Axis), it’s not extremely toxic, it’s mildly anabolic, and it its not highly androgenic. Apparently, this weight loss drug is directed to be taken in “high doses” in order to actually assist with weight reduction. Currently there do not appear to be any testimonials provided for this weight loss drug, and the cost is unknown. Anavar is not approved by the FDA at this time. Some studies show that Anavar is suitable for strength training and getting more defined.

Anavar is a weight loss supplement or drug that’s taken orally, but not currently offered legally in America. This oral tablet formula may assist some individuals with dropping excess visceral and/or abdominal fat. However, it’s claimed that Anavar is not approved by the FDA and tends to be pricey when acquired on the black market. As with any diet drug, some side effects may occur when taking Anavar tablets. It is not specified on an official website whether or not women and men can take this diet product. Those under the age of 18 should avoid taking Anavar, and most other weight loss drugs.


  • Anavar may assist some individuals with abdominal and visceral fat reduction.
  • This weight reduction formula is stated to be not extremely toxic, mildly anabolic, and not highly androgenic.
  • Disatvantages:

    • There is no official website selling the weight loss product Anavar.
    • This diet drug is classified as a mild steroid, which may raise a few eyebrows.
    • Anavar doesn’t appear to be approved by the FDA.
    • There are no clinical trials and testimonials presented to support the claimed effectiveness of Anavar.
    • This weight loss product is not legally distributed in the United States, and therefore may be nearly impossible to come by.

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